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Peace Papers Packet


Peace Papers Packet is an all-new format for our weekly children's bulletin/activity sheet for children ages 6 - 10.  The packet contains three years of Peace Papers, over 150 issues in all!  Each 4-page issue contains games, stories, puzzles -- fun activities -- that gently challenge children to follow the way of Jesus.  Each issue also contains a family page and resource list to help parents follow up at home.  You can make as many copies of each issue as you need for your children and their families.

See a sample issue (4 pages)

In addition to the 150+ issues, the Packet contains three indices:

  • Lectionary Index - shows you which issues correspond to the Sunday lectionary readings for a full three years.

  • Thematic Index - lists all the themes covered by Peace Papers (conflict resolution, caring for the earth, etc.), including an indexing of the seven principles of the Family Pledge of Nonviolence.

  • Scripture Index - lists all the Scriptures used in Peace Papers.

It has a family perspective, too.  Each issue has a family page with background on the Sunday theme, some suggestions for ways families could follow up in their home, and additional resources for both children and adults.  Peace Papers Packet is connected to the Lectionary readings for each Sunday so that both the adults and children use the same Scriptures. 

Suggestions for Using "Peace Papers"There are so many ways to use the Peace Papers Packet.  For example, you can:

  • Use them every Sunday as a children's bulletin by simply referring to the Lectionary Index to identify the appropriate Peace Papers issue for that Sunday

  • Use them only in certain seasons, e.g., Lent, Advent, etc.

  • Find all the issues that relate to the theme of a children's sermon by using the Scripture Index

  • Find the Peace Papers issues that would work best for a Summer Bible School or for a particular unit of your religious education program

  • Use it for specific programs, e.g., for parents on helping children deal with an issue such as bullying

  • Find the issues that deal with a particular Pledge of Nonviolence principle you may be stressing

One parish has used them in additional ways:

  • Peace Papers are excellent tools for catechists to use as an opening exercise and discussion tool for classroom settings in the younger grades.  They are simple, user friendly, inexpensive and provide a straight connection to the liturgical season

  • Peace Papers can be left in a special location for young people to pick up as they enter church on a weekend.  It can be a way for them to "break open the Word" without leaving the pew.  Parishes that have "Breaking Open the Word" each week can use these as part of that process with young people as well.  RCIA with children could benefit from this resource

  • Families can use the Peace Papers as an easy discussion tool.  Older children might have fun creating their own "Peace Papers" for their age group or coming up with other ideas for younger children as an activity

  • Peace Papers can be introduced at Baptism classes (infants & young children) since we are often baptizing children at later ages.  I have already mentioned RCIA with children, but I would also add that the Peace Papers would be an excellent tool to use in First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation sessions.  If a parish is restoring the order of initiation, then younger children in Confirmation would benefit

(from Anne Keough, Family Minister, Holy Spirit Church, Dallas)

When you subscribe, we will send you the original packet.  You make as many copies as you need for your children and their families.

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