Free Quarterly Newsletter Peace Pieces as well as a wealth of resources that support the Social & Racial Justice Activities, Non-Violence Initiatives and other advocacy and involvement of the Institute for Peace and Justice.  Some resources are available at cost, others are free of charge.  Your contribution to offset shipping and handling is always welcomed.

If Only Today You Knew the Things that Make for Peace (H.S.)

Unique 125-page High School resource for teachers and youth ministers on "peacemaking in post-9/11 America"

Challenging youth to put the Gospel call to peace into practice at a critical moment in human history.  Divided into two sections, "Images of Peace and the Pledge of Nonviolence" and "Responding to the Violence of Terrorism & War," these insightful units provide reflection and activities on the themes of:

  • "The Peacemaking Vision of Jesus," with extensive biblical reflection & compelling visuals

  • "Visions of Peace from Other Faith Traditions," especially Judaism & Islam

  • "The Peacemaking Vision of Gandhi," including an inspiring article by his grandson Arun

  • "Christian Teaching on War and Peace," with excerpts from THE CHALLENGE OF PEACE and Bishop Tom Gumbleton’s address to Pax Christi USA on "Living Nonviolence in Today’s Reality"

  • "Patriotism and the Christian," a variety of perspectives and models on this difficult issue

  • "The US War on Terrorism & Iraq," with excerpts from President Bush’s National Security Strategy Memorandum" of 9/02, the US Catholic Bishops’ letter on Iraq, and alternatives for US foreign policy

  • "Peacemakers - Prophets for Peace," including profiles of peacemakers in the Middle East and Northern Ireland and a process for interviewing local peacemakers

  • "Some Other Actions for Peace," with a variety of ways of promoting solidarity with peoples in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere; plus prayers for peace

  • "The UN Decade for a Culture of Peace & Nonviolence," a 4-page piece to help youth see the significance and possibilities of peacemaking in this critical decade

  • "Concluding Decisions on the Youth Pledge of Nonviolence," a process for embracing the Pledge as a holistic way of peacemaking "24/7/365

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