Free Quarterly Newsletter Peace Pieces as well as a wealth of resources that support the Social & Racial Justice Activities, Non-Violence Initiatives and other advocacy and involvement of the Institute for Peace and Justice.  Some resources are available at cost, others are free of charge.  Your contribution to offset shipping and handling is always welcomed.

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Churches & Religious Education

Alternatives to Violence - Christian Church Kit

Offers positive, concrete action options for preventing ...

Sales price: $99.95

Alternatives to Violence - Christian Elementary School Kit K-8

Everyone is concerned about violence, and this Kit gives ...

Sales price: $109.95

Alternatives to Violence - Christian H.S./Youth Group Planning Guide/Teachers Manual

The Kit will help your students learn skills for resolving ...

Sales price: $49.95

Be Bop Your Best CD

"Music to build character by", by Red Grammer. Grammy ...

Sales price: $15.00

Building a Culture of Peace Begins with Children

Curriculum for children and families providing creative ...

Celebrating Racial Diversity

A combination of background information, concrete classroom ...

Sales price: $15.00

If Only Today You Knew the Things that Make for Peace (K-8)

Unique 160 page resource for religious educators on ...

Sales price: $29.95

If Only Today You Knew the Things that Make for Peace (H.S.)

Unique 125-page High School resource for teachers and ...

Sales price: $29.95

Peacemaking and the Powers

Promoting Justice & Peace in Post-9/11 America A 6-Session ...

Sales price: $29.95

Pledge of Nonviolence (100 sheets)

This is the Family Pledge of Nonviolence. Links to other ...

Savor Creation Note Cards

5 Card Sets: Limited edition cards featuring natural ...

Sales price: $10.00

Teaching the Prophets, Living as Prophets

Offers a process for applying the words of the Hebrew ...

What Is My Song?

Based on a traditional African fable, this is a story of ...

Sales price: $16.95

Praying for Peace: Around the Globe

Developing awareness and compassion, "Praying for Peace ...

Sales price: $10.95
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