Free Quarterly Newsletter Peace Pieces as well as a wealth of resources that support the Social & Racial Justice Activities, Non-Violence Initiatives and other advocacy and involvement of the Institute for Peace and Justice.  Some resources are available at cost, others are free of charge.  Your contribution to offset shipping and handling is always welcomed.

Alternatives to Violence - Christian Church Kit

Offers positive, concrete action options for preventing violence, and for confronting the violence families, teachers and students face in the community, the media, school and home.
    • Provide easy, practical and engaging activities for each Pledge component and a clear step-by-step process for implementing the Pledge

    • Offer hundreds of suggestions for breaking down racial barriers and confronting the violence of racism and the other "isms" that are the roots of violence in our society

    • Cost very little: the English language Church Kit is only $99.95.  (Separately, the contents are worth $152.00)

    Contents of the Church Kit in English:

    A Planning Guide and a Calendar for implementing a violence prevention program in your congregation

  • Kids Creating Circles of Peace children's workbook

  • Families Creating a Circle of Peace booklet 

  • Praying For Peace educational international prayer and action suggestions

  • Teaching Peace audio cassette; and more than 100 video resource suggestions!

  • Especially helpful for helping youth deal with what it means to be a peacemaker after 9/11:  If Only Today You Knew...  The Things That Make for Peace, a unique 125-page resource binder for teachers and youth ministers, covering Images of Peace and the Pledge of Nonviolence and Responding to the Violence of Terrorism and War

  • Building a Culture of Peace Begins with the Children, a vacation Bible School program

  • Pledge of Nonviolence prayer cards

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