Racial Justice Programming

powerToRacial justice is about changing systems of existing power, plagued with and built upon prejudice. We understand that racism itself is a false social construct used to dehumanize and hold back certain members of the human race...our global family. IPJ addresses and educates on this important issue in several ways.


We continue to do the planning on "Action Conversations on Race" in the Saint Louis area, including responses to the Ferguson commission report.

  • Inform yourself about racism.  See the resources on What to Do about Racism?  For more regular updating, subscribe to "Witness for Justice," a news service of the United Church of Christ Commission on Racial Justice, 700 Prospect, Cleveland, OH 44115, [email protected] (weekly three-page bulletin, no charge).  Subscribe to an African American, Hispanic, Asian, or other ethnic newspaper in your community.

KMracismworkshopIPJ has for many years conducted workshops and dialogue sessions on identifying and addressing the many personal, community, and institutional problems that come along with living in a society still permeated with a shameful and often unrealized past and present legacy of racism.  

Our programs can be geared towards different audiences.

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