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Institute for Peace & Justice Wish List

Volunteer Needs


   Mentors Needed for Newly Released Male Ex-Offenders.

At least 3 young parents/couples to be part of a Young Families Advisory Group to brainstorm with us about how to reach out more effectively to other young families.  Contact Jim McGinnis at or 314-918-2630.

IPJ Shareholder/Members to identify for us groups, schools, faith communities in their own local communities that might benefit from IPJ resources, workshops, consultation.  Contact Jim McGinnis at or 314-918-2630.

A volunteer to present the story of Sadako and the paper cranes to elementary schools.

A volunteer who could help IPJ with public relations.

A volunteer who could help IPJ with artistic tasks.

Equipment Needs

Office Desk Chair

Office Lamps

Computer Needs:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IPJ-PPJN has been using Macintosh computers since the early ‘90s. The last upgrade of IPJ’s late 80’s computers took place in 1999. While we have been able to get along it has become increasingly difficult to run current software programs effectively because the operating systems needed to run the software require newer Mac hardware. Additionally, we suffer from the slow speed of slow computers.

Due to the combination of the need to be able to do more with fewer people and the waning efficiency of our computers, we are putting forth a set of needs that would be extremely beneficial in helping the staff to do more with less. Maybe someone has connections with “Apple”, and the equipment needed can be donated!!!

The following are two levels of requested assistance:

Funds that will be used specifically to purchase new Macs that will plug into our current network, that will move us into the current level of computing power, and that will enable us to do our jobs more efficiently.

These funds would go specifically towards the purchase of 6 new Macs

Desired specifications:

5 ea. eMac G4, 384 mb Ram, 40gb Hard Drive, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, 17” Monitor $1,094.00 each

1 ea. eMac G4, 512 mb Ram, 60gb Hard Drive, DVD-Super Drive, 17” Monitor $1,494.00 each

The second level is a request for donors of used Mac equipment of reasonably recent vintage that will enable us to do our jobs more efficiently.

We are looking to obtain 1-6 new Macs.

Desired Specifications:

Any Mac G3 or G4 Computer that would be available with 128mb Ram, 10-20gb Hard Drive,

CDRom, 15” or 17” Monitor

We could probably use any and all Mac accessories and/or software that were available.

If you have equipment that you can make available, please call or e-mail Jim Brauner with specifications as he serves as our tech support person and can answer and/or ask the right questions. He can be reached at 314-429-2207 during the day and 636-227-7445 at home in the evening. His e-mail is


Special Thanks for donations received of a TV-VCR, Cassette,

CD Player and Shredder from our list!

Make a monetary donation!