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Savor Creation Note Cards

Five-Card Sets:  Themes and Combinations


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Each of the following series of five cards has the phrase "Savor creation as the revelation and celebration of God’s love" on the back.  These cards can be ordered without this phrase, if you prefer.

Photos by Jim McGinnis                                                                   THEMES  (Photos shown are examples of those in the set of 5)


"Sunrise" -- an expanding set that includes sunrises over Assisi, Italy; the Colorado Rockies; Star Island, NH;  Catalina Island, CA; and others.  A whole set can be created of any of these settings.





"Sunset" -- an expanding set that includes sunsets over the Florida Gulf; Aptos Beach, CA; Lake Huron, Canada; the Caribbean Sea; along the Mississippi River; Star Island, New Hampshire. A whole set can be created of any of these settings.



"Denali National Park" – majestic views of the Denali (Mt. McKinley) and of the flora and wildlife of this Alaskan treasure.

"Glaciers & Wildlife in the Kenai Peninsula" – incomparable beauty in this Alaskan area.



"San Francisco" – a celebration of the Golden Gate bridge, the parks and flowers, the murals, and other famous landmarks of this special city.


"Yosemite National Park" -- awesome views of Half Dome and other peaks, of the falls and colors of this spectacular park





"Southern California Beauty" – a medley of blossoms, ocean and desert trees; from Mission San Juan Capistrano, Catalina Island, Laguna Beach, and Joshua Tree National Park.

"John Muir" -- views of the mountains, trees, and other delights of John Muir in Yosemite, Kings Canyon, & Sequoia National Parks and other California settings; with the phrase "My profession is to be always on the alert to find God in nature, to know God’s lurking places."



"Colorado Rockies at Estes Park" – sunrise, forested creeks, majestic mountains, and more.






"Bountiful Ireland" – the spectacular coasts and colorful blossoms of Ireland in the summer.





"Japanese Garden in St. Louis Spring" – exploding life in the flowers, trees, the lake and more.

"Japanese Garden in St. Louis Fall" – the spectacular colors of the trees and bushes.

"Japanese Garden in St. Louis Winter" –- gentle snow/thaw scenes.

"Japanese Garden at Christmas" – see the Christmas card options.

"Garden Mix" -- a mixture of five cards from the four different Japanese Garden sets.




"Oklahoma City Memorial" –- the statue of "Jesus Weeping" over the bombsite, a memorial cross, the reflecting pool and memorial chairs; with the phrase "in the face of escalating violence, escalate love" on the back of the card.





"Bryce Canyon National Park" – spectacular colors and formations of this unique explosion of rugged natural beauty.


"Zion National Park" –- majestic views of the mountains, trees and colors.



"Mt. Rainier in the Fall" – the special autumn beauty of the mountain, creeks, trees and flowers of this gem of the Northwest.

"Puget Sound" – sunrise and moonrise from Whidbey Island and the flowers lining the Sound at the Seattle waterfront.






Cost is $10 for each set of 5 cards.  Please indicate your choice of set and whether you want the phrase on the back of the card.

Title of Set:
Reflection on Back -- Yes or No?:

To order cards by mail, please send:

Set name with reflections
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(checks payable to: Institute for Peace and Justice)

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Please allow at least two weeks for delivery, as these are individually created!

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