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Resources for Public Schools


Alternatives to Violence Kits, Grades K-5
Teacher's manual, workbooks, planning guides, booklets, teacher's manuals, examples of how schools and school systems have implemented the Pledge of Nonviolence.


Teaching Peace CD and Manual
CD and Teacher's Guide with Red Grammer's songs for children ages 4 to 12.

Rainbow People Cassette
Collection of songs by Susan Stark -- includes familiar favorites, e.g., "Inch by Inch," "The Happy Wanderer," "All God's Critters" and "''Tis a Gift to Be Simple."


Educating for a Just Society, Grades 7-12
Teacher's manual with background information, classroom activities, and action suggestions on racism, sexism, media, justice for people with disabilities, conflict resolution, ageism, poverty, and multicultural education.


Celebrating Racial Diversity
Teacher's resource manual on racism, multicultural education, literature for children and youth, and justice heroes.


The Pledge of Nonviolence
Centerpiece of the Families Against Violence Initiative, the Pledge is a seven-point commitment on how to live more peaceably.  Available in twelve languages.