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Resources for Christian Schools and Religious Education K-8


Alternatives to Violence - Christian Education and School Kit
Workbooks, planning guides, booklets, teacher's manuals, samples of children's worship services, designed to teach peace and nonviolence.


Celebrating Racial Diversity
Teacher's resource manual on racism, multicultural education, literature for children and youth, and justice heroes.


If Only Today You Knew… The Things That Make for Peace - K-8
For Christian Elementary Schools & Religious Education K-8.  This unique 160-page resource for religious educators on "peacemaking in post-9/11 America" challenges students to put the Gospel call to peace into practice at a critical moment in human history. 


NEW! Building a Culture of Peace Begins with Children
This curriculum for children and families provides a creative way of teaching and internalizing some of the "things that make for peace."


Rainbow People Cassette
Collection of songs by Susan Stark -- includes familiar favorites, e.g., "Inch by Inch," "The Happy Wanderer," "All God's Critters" and "''Tis a Gift to Be Simple."


Teaching Peace CD and Manual
CD and Teacher's Guide with Red Grammer's songs for children ages 4 to 12.