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Christian High School and Youth Group

Planning Guide and Teachers Manual

  • A practical guide for creating a school-wide program around the Youth Pledge of Nonviolence, with clear implementation steps, helpful models, a peacemaking calendar, inspirational overview essay and helpful evaluation instrument

  • Creative activities and readings for a whole course around the 7 components of the Youth Pledge or for integrating the Pledge into existing courses/programs

  • New inspirational and action-oriented units on Images of Peacemaking, the Violence of War, the Violence of Poverty, Racism, Hate Violence, and Violence Against Women.

  • Especially helpful for educators who want to help youth deal with what it means to be a peacemaker after 9/11. Includes If Only Today You Knew...  The Things That Make for Peace, a unique 125-page resource binder for teachers and youth ministers, covering Images of Peace and the Pledge of Nonviolence and Responding to the Violence of Terrorism and War.

  • Includes a copy of A Call to Peace:  52 Meditations of the Pledge of Nonviolence and a special magazine entitled Can Love Save the World?

Sample activities:

400 pages.-- $49.95