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Educating for Peace & Justice

Grades K-5  Public School Edition


This 64-page manual for elementary teachers is Affective and Experiential, Inclusive, and Comprehensive.  It  is specifically focused on the Pledge of Nonviolence, with units on:

  • Interpersonal Peacemaking
  • Respect Others -- Interracial Reconciliation
  • Respect Nature -- Becoming Friends with the Earth
  • Play Creatively
  • Be Courageous -- Confront Violence and Injustice

with Appendices on:

  • Two Other Courageous Young People
  • A Process for Helping Children Learn and Live Peacemaking Behaviors

with lots of songs, craft activities and children's illustrations of the Pledge.

$10.00 each


Note:  This manual is also in the Public Schools Alternative to Violence Kits and the Christian Education Kit.