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Building a Culture of Peace

Begins with Children

Foreword by Jim McGinnis

At the dawning of a new millennium, in the first year of the United Nations' "International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World," and in the midst of Jubilee 2000, the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program has created a unique resource for nurturing a culture of peace and nonviolence.  This new peacemaking curriculum offers all of us -- educators, pastors, parents -- a positive way of responding to Jesus' timeless plea:  If only you knew the things that make for peace...(Luke 19:41-42).

This curriculum for children and families provides a creative way of teaching and internalizing some of the "things that make for peace."  Organized around the components of the Pledge of Nonviolence developed by the Institute for Peace and Justice, this curriculum addresses powerful cultural forces, such as violence and consumerism, that make it difficult to learn and live "the things that make for peace."  It builds on the increasing cultural diversity in our society and encourages us all to become instruments in turning our de facto diversity into God's "beloved community."  This peacemaking resource is truly one of God's "Jubilee treasures" to use throughout this International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence.

Session 1 -- Peacemaking Defined:  Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Session 2 -- Getting Along with Neighbors:  Guidelines for Dealing with Conflict

Session 3 -- Healing Hurts between Neighbors:  Forgiveness

Session 4 -- Taking Care of the Neighborhood

Session 5 -- Creative Play in the Neighborhood

Session 6 -- Celebrating Our Differences and Standing with Neighbors, Near and Far


Rosemary Banta is a Certified Christian Educator and a graduate of what is now Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education.

Donna Miller is Associate for Resources and Program Development with the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program.

Building a Culture of Peace -  $5.00