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Creating Circles of Peace:

Alternatives to Violence Kits for Christian Churches

Other Alternative to Violence Kits are available for Public Schools K-5 and Christian Schools

Both English and Spanish Church Kits:

  • Offer positive, concrete action options for preventing violence, and for confronting the violence families, teachers and students face in the community, the media, school and home

  • Provide easy, practical and engaging activities for each Pledge component and a clear step-by-step process for implementing the Pledge

  • Link you to nationwide efforts to prevent and reduce violence through the Families Against Violence Advocacy Network

  • Offer hundreds of suggestions for breaking down racial barriers and confronting the violence of racism and the other "isms" that are the roots of violence in our society

  • Cost very little: the English language Church Kit is only $99.95.  (Separately, the contents are worth $152.00)


Contents of the Church Kit in English:

  • A Planning Guide and a Calendar for implementing a violence prevention program in your congregation

  • Kids Creating Circles of Peace children's workbook

  • Families Creating a Circle of Peace booklet; A Call to Peace: 52 Meditations; Families Caring intergenerational leaders guide; Teaching Peace audio cassette; and more than 100 video resource suggestions!

  • Especially helpful for helping youth deal with what it means to be a peacemaker after 9/11:  If Only Today You Knew...  The Things That Make for Peace, a unique 125-page resource binder for teachers and youth ministers, covering Images of Peace and the Pledge of Nonviolence and Responding to the Violence of Terrorism and War

  • Building a Culture of Peace Begins with the Children, a vacation Bible School program

  • Samples of sermons and worship services.  Outlines for workshops, retreats and family camps.  Models of how parishes and congregations have implemented a violence prevention program

  • Pledge of Nonviolence prayer cards


Contents of the Church Kit in Spanish:

  • A new planning guide and a calendar for implementing a violence prevention program in your congregation

  • Family and School Pledges of Nonviolence and 25 prayer cards

  • Five copies of Familias Creando un Circulo de Paz booklet

  • Pamphlets on nonviolent toys and play, on domestic violence, and on how we can all confront violence courageously

  • Outlines for workshops, retreats and programs celebrating family and building peace within families

Also for Catholic Parishes:

  • Comunion y Mision (a bi-lingual book on forming small faith communities)

  • Denunciando la Violencia (packet of materials on the "Stand Against Violence Week" program)

Church Kit in English, $99.95


Church Kit in Spanish - $29.95