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The Kingly Way of Jesus

by Jim McGinnis

We have just celebrated the birth of the Prince of Peace in the midst of an occupying empire--

  • recalling how his birthplace suffers again from an occupying army (see “Support Middle East Peacemaking”)
  • recalling how 3 kings from the East honored this baby King with gifts that would reveal his kingly way – myrrh for his sacrificial gift of life
  • recalling the birth of another baby King, Martin by name, and how he grew to follow his baby King and his kingly way of sacrificial love
  • recalling our grown King’s calling his first disciples and their immediate response to follow him
  • recalling our own call to follow him and his kingly way, as Martin King did, sacrificially (See “A Call to Discipleship”)
  • living as citizens of an occupying empire and its “Crusade against the forces of evil”  in our name;
  • living as neighbors of those whose relatives have been killed in this Crusade
    living as neighbors, too, of others killed who are not of this land, but of this earth and this family of God
  • anticipating another Lenten invitation to follow our King to his crowning as Martin King did, confronting all those “powers” occupying our souls, our nation, our world – racism, materialism, and militarism – that would frustrate the true Kingdom of inclusive love – the Beloved Community

We recommit ourselves to follow our King and his kingly way of sacrificial love as we do “the things that make for peace” and challenge the “powers” that make for privilege and oppression.  (See PEACEMAKING AND THE “POWERS”).