for Praying for Peace Around the Globe






                                            "Social Justice issues have long been difficult to address in parish settings. Headlines

                                            report some issues while too many reports seem to overwhelm people already

                                            experiencing compassion fatigue.  Jim McGinnis’ book, Praying for Peace around the

                                            Globe, provides not only a summary of various justice issues but a prayerful format in

                                            which to address them. I have used this book in an ecumenical setting and plan to use

                                            it as a way to begin parish meetings as well. The activities Jim suggests can serve well

                                            for those who show interest in a particular cause. " 

Fr. Jim Telthorst

Pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows,, St. Louis MO



“In a world torn apart by violence, we turn to our creative, redeeming God begging for the gift of peace.  This volume is not only a “prayer book,” it is also a call to do justice, the basis of lasting peace.

 “Pray always” (Lk21:36), we read in scripture.  And in a conflictive world, one of our greatest prayers is for peace.  This book is a powerful companion calling us to be agents of justice and peace.”

-- + Robert F. Morneau,

Auxiliary Bishop of Green Bay




“This beautiful book helps us to hold a hurting world in prayer and to walk a very contemporary Way of the Cross. May it deepen our compassion and our commitment to work for peace.”

- Marie Dennis, Director, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns

Co-President, Pax Christi International




 “Praying for Peace Around the Globe” is a book to keep close by, to use for morning

                                        or  evening prayer, as we side with struggling sisters and brothers around the world…

                                        This prayer of global solidarity will widen our hearts with a universal, nonviolent love, and

                                        help us toward that new world without war, poverty, violence, nuclear weapons or global


-- Rev. John Dear, S.J.,

author of “Living Peace,”

“The Questions of Jesus,” “A Persistent Peace,”




“Here is a beautiful mosaic of prayers for justice and compassion, mutual respect and nonviolent transformation in our world’s many places of violent conflict. Jim has drawn together a prayerful vision of God’s reign on earth as it is in heaven – for all of us to pray for, work for, and die for, in fulfillment of the will of our Creator.”

-- Jim Douglass,

peace activist and





There are many reasons I appreciate Jim McGinnis' new book, Praying for Peace Around the Globe.  It calls our attention to situations of violence in various parts of the world, some of which seldom make the headlines in US newspapers.  It underscores the essential connection between prayer and action.  It reminds us of the violence inherent in all forms of domination, including violence done to the environment.  It includes a number of prayers from neighbors of other faiths, itself a sign of peacemaking in an era when religion is so often used to sanction or intensify conflict.  And most importantly, it points to the power of prayer and the importance of praying for peace as part of our spiritual discipline.  The message throughout is that we, sinful humans, are reliant on one another and the grace of God, even as we are called to be co-workers with God in building a future we can only glimpse.  In short, I have found it to be a hopeful and practical book that will have a central place in my own devotional life.

- Michael Kinnamon, General Secretary, National Council of Churches





“If we pray these prayers in a space where silence can have its say, avail ourselves of the resources that accompany this book, and—most importantly--put faces on the tragedies of violence and injustice found herein, we will find ourselves taking our crucified world into our hearts as well as our hands and find our feet being guided into the path of peace” (from the Foreword)

-- Fr. Bryan Massingale,

Professor of Theology

at Marquette University



"’The sun never sets...’ on peacemakers working for the healing of the nations.  James McGinnis has given us a wonderful devotional tool to expand our horizons in Praying for Peace Around the Globe.  Praying for world peace is just too big to be very meaningful, so McGinnis breaks it into heart-sized pieces, praying for specific conflicts, often with prayers emerging from someone within the culture and context of the conflict.  At the same time the heart is focused and expanded as we are taken to places we might forget or into cultural forms not familiar to us.  Through these prayers we are taken deeper into the heart of God who loves the people in all these places.”

- Dan Buttry, Baptist World Peacemakers