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Prayer & Action for Reconciliation in Rwanda

by Jim McGinnis, inspired by his new book


As we continue to pray and act for peace around the globe this week, especially in Afghanistan, western China, and Pakistan, please consider forwarding this weekly prayer & action request on behalf of the people of Rwanda to your networks. 

Insight on Reconciliation in Rwanda.  I had the great privilege last week to be with Immaculee Iilibagiza at a conference at Notre Dame.  Her story of survival through 91 days hidden in a bathroom during the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 was incredible.  But even more miraculous is the story of her journey into forgiveness and reconciliation with those who butchered the rest of her family and a million other Tutsi citizens of Rwanda.  Her story is available on her website (including a 13-minute video of her appearance on 60 Minutes), in her book LEFT TO TELL: Discovering God Amidst the Rwanda Holocaust, and in an 8-minute interview with her.  Proceeds from the sale of her book go to her Left to Tell Charitable Fund for scholarships for orphaned Rwandan youth.

Prayer for Reconciliation and Compassion in Rwanda
O God of forgiveness, we ask your forgiveness for the world's silence and our own inaction not only during this genocide, but wherever violence destroys your children and we are too pre-occupied to care. We thank you for the revelation of your divine love in the acts of forgiveness and reconciliation of Iphigenia and thousands of other Rwandans.  We pray for continued healing among Tutsis and Hutus, especially for the women weaving reconciliation as well as baskets in their weaving groups.  Help us rise above our own hurts and reach out in truth and reconciliation to those we have hurt and those who have hurt us.

We pray, too, for the leaders of our world and for ourselves, that we will never again remain silent in the face of massive violence, whether it is in Darfur, the Congo, Somalia, or in the slums of Brazil, Haiti, Gaza, or even in some of our own communities.  Teach us to care.  We are all sisters and brothers.

Action Options.  View "Hotel Rwanda" or one of the other films about the genocide and efforts for reconciliation.  Consider supporting the work of L'Association des Orphelins Chefs de Menage (the Association of Orphan Heads of Households) begun in 2000, the UN Women's Fund and Macy's Path to Peace Project, which sells the "peace baskets" made by Tutsi and Hutu weaving groups.

As a way of honoring God's amazing work through Immaculee, especially this week as the Rwandan people celebrate their July 1st independence day July, please consider contributing to her Charitable Fund through the purchase of her book and/or a donation.

Order a copy of Praying for Peace Around the Globe online, email
jimppjn@aol.com or call 1-800-833-0245.

Thanks for caring.