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Prayer & Action for Peace in the Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq

by Jim McGinnis, inspired by his new book

As we continue to pray and act for peace around the globe this week, in solidarity especially with the women and children of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and the eastern war zone of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is traveling today, please consider forwarding this weekly prayer & action request to your networks. 

1.  There has been so much suffering described in the NY Times the past week and so many people have asked for our prayers for peace in their countries that I have included several different areas of focus below.
2. The full prayer page on “Praying for Peace in the DR Congo” (pp. 52-53) is attached. 

Stories & Icons for Our Prayers

1.  With the violence escalating in Afghanistan in advance of the presidential election on August 20, I found the work of Greg Mortenson building schools especially for girls in both Afghanistan and Pakistan tremendously encouraging.  His book THREE CUPS OF TEA is a “must read.”  See articles about his work.

2.  Rev. Riaz Mubarak in Pakistan has asked for our prayers for the small Christian communities attacked severely last week, described in the NY Times with iconic photos for our prayers, plus the statement of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

3.  The photos & story on the destruction of an Iraqi village compels our compassionate prayers.


Prayer for peace in the DR of the Congo & for all people & nations

Please, Lord, give your people the hope and reason to live for tomorrow instead of surviving for today.  Lord, give them your strength and comfort for the challenges of today.  Finally, Lord, give them your everlasting peace for tomorrow and forever.  And help us be the instruments of your peace in our own communities as we pray and work in solidarity with the people of the Congo, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq,  and throughout Your world.

Action Suggestions - Consider joining the efforts of 

1. Greg Mortenson’s Central Asia Institute’s work of building schools especially for girls in Afghanistan & Pakistan and its “Pennies for Peace” program that children can support, especially as they go back to school.  Child-to-child and school-to-school solidarity efforts are an important step in combating terrorism.

2.  the Women for Women’s international campaign – “Crisis in the Congo: War Against Women”  where you can also see the 4:26 minute YouTube video detailing the crisis and how Women for Women is helping and how we can help as well,

Baptist missionary Woody Collins and his Congo Helping Hands ministry. 

Order a copy of Praying for Peace Around the Globe online, email jimppjn@aol.com or call 1-800-833-0245.

Thanks for caring,