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Kathy McGinnis

Kathleen R. McGinnis, 66, married to James B. McGinnis, 3 children & 3 grandchildren



  • BA from Fontbonne College, St. Louis, Mo--History

  • MAT from St. Louis University--American History



  • Areas of Research: Multicultural education; changing racial attitudes; institutional racism; diversity; racism in children's literature and in textbooks; sexism, especially in education; peacemaking skills in pre-schoolers; violence prevention and families

  • Founder and international co-coordinator with James McGinnis of the Parenting for Peace and Justice Network

  • Formerly:

    • High school and junior high Social Studies and English teacher

    • Adjunct faculty member at Fontbonne College and St. Louis University

    • Faculty member of the Institute for Pastoral Studies at Loyola University in Chicago

    • Faculty member for Seattle University's SUMORE program (summer)

  • Currently:

    • Executive director of the Institute for Peace and Justice

    • Consultant to schools and school systems in the area of multicultural education and racism

    • Adjunct instructor, Fontbonne University

    • Facilitator of the “SOS Process” with ex-offenders

  • Membership:  National Council of Social Studies

  • Community Service:

    • Mentor for Center for Women in Transition (for women who have just come out of prison)

    • Quality Control Committee member for Community Women Against Hardship (anti-poverty program)

    • Member of steering committee for Conflict Services Center of St. Louis

    • Chair of School subcommittee for Conflict Services Center of St. Louis

    • Board member for Gateway Peace Museum



Author and co-author of numerous books, articles, and audio-visual presentations, which include the following:

  • Understanding Institutional Racism, co-producer with the Council for Interracial Books for Children, 1978

  • Families in Search of Shalom Filmstrip, Institute for Peace and Justice, 1981

  • Educating for Peace and Justice: A Manual for Teachers, three volumes, Institute for Peace and Justice, 1985.

  • Starting Out Right: Nurturing Young Children As Peacemakers, co-author with Barbara Oehlberg, Meyer-Stone Books, 1988

  • Parenting for Peace and Justice, Orbis Books, 1981; revised as Parenting for Peace and Justice, 10 Years Later, 1990.

  • Educating for a Just Society, Institute for Peace and Justice, 1993

  • Celebrating Racial Diversity, Institute for Peace and Justice, 1994, revised in 2005

  • Dreaming God's Dream: Family Activities Guide: Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Meyer-Stone Books



  • Recipient of:

    • 1988 Fontbonne College "Distinguished Alumni Service" award

    • 1991 Vatterott Foundation "Racial Justice" award

    • 2002 Archdiocese of St. Louis "Catholic Women's Peacemaker" award

    • 2004 Fontbonne University Alumnae "Community Service" award

  • Corecipient with James McGinnis of:

    • 1985 Salt Magazine “Women in the Church” award

    • 1990 National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers’ “Recognition" award

    • 1991 Peace Abbey “Courage of Conscience” award

    • 1995 Pax Christi USA “Teacher of Peace” award

    • 2003 Sisters of Divine Providence Ketteler "Social Justice" award